Exciting And Effective Marvel Contest of Champions Tips and Tricks!

Marvel Contest of Champions – An Introduction!

Game lovers keep on searching for effective and safe Marvel Contest of Champions tips and tricks but it is critical indeed to get aware of the awesome game before making the final call. Marvel Contest of Champions is an amazing free-to-play mobile game based on fighting theme.  This incredible game is developed and published by Kabam. In the game, players are served with a golden opportunity to explore the Marvel universe and the game was released in December 2014 for Android and iOS devices.

marvel contest of champions tips and tricks

Without any doubt, Marvel Contest of Champions is the perfect fighting game to play in your free time and kill boring moments of your life. It will not be wrong to state; the game is highly appreciated worldwide and still going strong after 2 years of launch. With the most unique and effective gameplay, you will be glued to your gaming device for hours while playing the game. The game Marvel Contest of Champions is a bit similar to Mortal Kombat X but many new features have been added to provide extreme fun and entertainment to the game lovers.

All About Marvel Contest of Champions Tips and Tricks

In order to play the game with perfection and boost your chances of winning, the application of Marvel Contest of Champions Tips and Tricks is the demand of the hour. Just focus on the below-mentioned tips and tricks and apply your own gaming techniques to emerge as winner:

  • Try Best To Claim Your Crystals – Crystals are the most important items of the game which you required to move forward. It will be the crystal type which will decide the new superheroes for your roaster. The best and effective way to gain ISO-8 catalysts along with new characters for your roster is to claim crystals every day. In the game, players are served with free crystal every 4 hours and one can also find crystals by purchasing them, winning quests and playing in the battle arena. With the increased number of crystals, players will get the bonuses to keep moving forward in the game along with acquiring of new characters.


  • ISO-8 Is extremely Crucial – For sure, ISO-8 is one of the most crucial parts of the game which is highly critical to level up your roaster. In order to collect ISO-8, you must play quests; try hard to get completion awards for completing a chapter in story quest mode and by opening crystals. Players must always treat ISO-8 as an awesome experience for their champions as each module of ISO-8 will provide next level experience to champions. The entire process of gaining experience with begin with Tier1 ISO-8 which is bit small amount but soon it will ramp up to Tier 2 ISO-8 and Tier 3 ISO-8.


  • Keep Improving Supplies – When it comes to upgrading your champions or purchasing new crystal, you must have enough game items in your account. Some of the items like crystals you can easily gain with the currency you have earned by winning quests or with the application of some specific crystal shards. Other items like gold and health potions you will earn during quests which should be immediately added to the inventory. When you keep an eye on supplies it will act as a perfect idea, you will definitely pay special to gold and other units of the game.


  • Try to level Up Heroes – As mentioned above Marvel Contest of Champions is a fighting game in which you will play with numerous heroes belonging to six different categories. Each superhero has it abilities, weaknesses and class perks which add a huge amount of excitement to the game. When you deal with your enemies, make sure you have a nice balanced team of heroes strong enough to face all challenges with ease. In the game, you are required to build multiple teams with multiple heroes in order to face anything the game throws at you.


  • Fight Smart to win the game – In most of the fighting games you will emerge as a winner with just button mashing but the situation is a bit complicated with Marvel Contest of Champions. Here you are asked to fight smart and try to make best possible use of the super hero’s abilities. As a player, you need to have a certain degree of strategy which will lead to desired outcomes. First of all get aware of the characters with whom you are fighting and try to execute multiple styles of fighting as per demands of the game.


  • Figure Out An Alliance – Alliance is basically a group of players who will fight together and help out each other in difficult situations and even while taking on a specific quest. Always remember your alliance will act as your best friend in the most troubling and tricky situations of the game. Yes, there are certain players who would avoid being part of an alliance but it is a huge mistake in my own opinion. Even, when you help your alliance, it will allow you to earn some points towards crystals and also opens a fresh set of quests. In the game, it is possible to join an alliance or create your own one. Players can also leave an alliance any time so don’t waste the opportunity of being part of a top-notch alliance.


  • Avoid using real money – For rich players, it is very much possible to skip tough levels of Marvel Contest of Champions by spending money and buying in-game items. But as long as you grind your way through levels and try to grab gold and other in-game items, the real fun of playing the most impressive fighting game will be exposed.

Above- mentioned Marvel Contest of Champions Tips and Tricks are specifically designed to help out the needy players with some effective and easy ways of playing the game. Don’t waste a moment and use these tips and tricks to add fun in your life!

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